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This ten part docusoap tracks the lives of the participants in the on-line porn industry. Based in Montreal and other places around North America, check out the daily activities of the performers, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and others that make up this modern tech-laced multi-million dollar business. What's more is that most of them only use a few props, laptop and a camera to make their financial dreams come true.

Serija se u Hrvatskoj trenutno prikazuje na Viasat Exploreru. Zahvaljujuci velikom uspjehu prve sezone, snimljena je i druga sezona, dok je snimanje trece sezone u tijeku.

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Episode 1:
In this episode, we meet the talent at, Katrina at the PSA, Dave Angelo the gay icon, and Dugmor working on a deadline to create a website for new starlet Malezia.

Episode 2:
Dave and his wife, Manon, disagree about his website. Laurelle learns the ropes at Dugmor can't find Malezia at the Cybernet Expo and Katrina holds auditions for her reality show.

Episode 3:
Leila at is at a crossroad in her career. Dugmor and Malezia head to LA for a Vivid film shoot. Dave Angelo promotes his website in Montreal.

Episode 4:
Malezia struggles to keep up in her LA schedule. Dave Angelo hatches a new plan to promote his website. Laurelle seems to have trouble adjusting to her life at and Katrina has a productive 'meeting' with pron legend Ron Jeremy.

Episode 5:
Dugmor is in search of the next Malezia in Miami. Dave Angelo heads to NYC to raise some money. Katrina is in Paris where she is in much demand.

Episode 6:
Dugmor finds himself in Arizona, pining for Karen. Malezia returns to Montreal but finds dealing with MGH to be a testing experience. Laurelle is adjusting to but is having more trouble with her boyfriend, Dallas.

Episode 7:
Malezia takes control of her career. Dugmor checks back with MGH from San Diego. Tension builds between the exhausted Dave Angelo and his wife Manon. The 2much studios have been burgled.

Episode 8:
Dugmor reunites with Malezia in Montreal. has another setback as their site has apparently been hacked. Katrina returns from Paris to find her PSA job in jeopardy

Episode 9:
Dave Angelo heads to California to make his next film. Malezia is ready for the next Vivid shoot. Times get desperate for and Laurelle.

Episode 10:
Dugmor and Malezia reunite in Las Vegas, at the AVN convention. Dave Angelo must make a tough decision.

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Episode 1 -
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