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utorak, svibanj 6, 2008

"If your penis is insufficient, watch this video and learn how to give a girl an orgasm so big that she'll giiggle like school girl and love you forever."

This video shows a explicit instructions on how to stimulate the G-Spot and how to give an orgasm to a woman. It contains some explicit scenes so watch out, and 


Title           : Female.Orgasm.Mastery.XViD-ScT                               
Size            : 1 CD (48x15mb)                                               
Source Format   : NTSC DVD                                                     
Format          : XviD                                                         
Resolution      : 720x416                                                       
Audio           : CBR MP3                                                       
Language        : English (US)                                                 
Category        : Squirting orgasms, female ejaculations, and female orgasm

Download (2 parts):
part 1 -
part 2 -
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ponedjeljak, svibanj 5, 2008

This ten part docusoap tracks the lives of the participants in the on-line porn industry. Based in Montreal and other places around North America, check out the daily activities of the performers, creators, innovators, entrepreneurs and others that make up this modern tech-laced multi-million dollar business. What's more is that most of them only use a few props, laptop and a camera to make their financial dreams come true.

Serija se u Hrvatskoj trenutno prikazuje na Viasat Exploreru. Zahvaljujuci velikom uspjehu prve sezone, snimljena je i druga sezona, dok je snimanje trece sezone u tijeku.

Webdreams Official Web -

Episode 1:
In this episode, we meet the talent at, Katrina at the PSA, Dave Angelo the gay icon, and Dugmor working on a deadline to create a website for new starlet Malezia.

Episode 2:
Dave and his wife, Manon, disagree about his website. Laurelle learns the ropes at Dugmor can't find Malezia at the Cybernet Expo and Katrina holds auditions for her reality show.

Episode 3:
Leila at is at a crossroad in her career. Dugmor and Malezia head to LA for a Vivid film shoot. Dave Angelo promotes his website in Montreal.

Episode 4:
Malezia struggles to keep up in her LA schedule. Dave Angelo hatches a new plan to promote his website. Laurelle seems to have trouble adjusting to her life at and Katrina has a productive 'meeting' with pron legend Ron Jeremy.

Episode 5:
Dugmor is in search of the next Malezia in Miami. Dave Angelo heads to NYC to raise some money. Katrina is in Paris where she is in much demand.

Episode 6:
Dugmor finds himself in Arizona, pining for Karen. Malezia returns to Montreal but finds dealing with MGH to be a testing experience. Laurelle is adjusting to but is having more trouble with her boyfriend, Dallas.

Episode 7:
Malezia takes control of her career. Dugmor checks back with MGH from San Diego. Tension builds between the exhausted Dave Angelo and his wife Manon. The 2much studios have been burgled.

Episode 8:
Dugmor reunites with Malezia in Montreal. has another setback as their site has apparently been hacked. Katrina returns from Paris to find her PSA job in jeopardy

Episode 9:
Dave Angelo heads to California to make his next film. Malezia is ready for the next Vivid shoot. Times get desperate for and Laurelle.

Episode 10:
Dugmor and Malezia reunite in Las Vegas, at the AVN convention. Dave Angelo must make a tough decision.

Download links:
10 x 166 MB
(password: webdreams)

Episode 1 -
Episode 2 -
Episode 3 -
Episode 4 -
Episode 5 -
Episode 6 -
Episode 7 -
Episode 8 -
Episode 9 -
Episode 10 -

Webdreams Season 2 official trailer - click here to watch

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srijeda, travanj 30, 2008
A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex

A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex is an 8 part TV series about sex, billed as a documentary and running on the British broadcasting station Five. The 45-minute long episodes (including advertisements) were broadcast on Monday nights and presented by Dr. Catherine Hood. The series started on 30 October 2006, with the final programme broadcast on 18 December 2006.

Each episode explained a sex position and covered a sexually transmitted disease. Additionally the following topics were covered: sex among handicapped people, penis enlargement devices, penis enlargement surgery, anal sex, tantric sex, the g-spot, erectile dysfunction, sex reassignment surgery, cosmetic surgery of the vagina (labiaplasty), swinging, sex on public toilets, full body plastic wrap bondage, and sex dolls.

The first few episodes of the series are extremely explicit, showing erect penises and close-ups of a vulva as well as detailed footage of sexual intercourse including penetration and ejaculation (both filmed with a tiny camera from within the vagina). In subsequent episodes, most such footage was heavily (and seemingly hastily) censored through blurring; however, the programme remains perhaps the most explicit ever to be broadcast on mainstream UK television.

Twenty-one people complained to the national television regulator, Ofcom, that the explicitness of the sexual scenes breached obscenity and broadcasting regulations, but in their 29 January bulletin, Ofcom ruled that there was no rule banning the showing of genuine sexual acts on free-to-air television, and that "in their view the portrayal of sex in this programme genuinely sought to inform and educate", concluding that "whilst the visuals were explicit at times, nothing was transmitted in a manner that could be construed as having the potential to harm people under the age of eighteen", particularly given its context as a serious factual programme, and as such it was ruled that the episodes were not in breach of any broadcasting regulations.

Episode 1 -
Episode 2 -
Episode 3 -
Episode 4 -
Episode 5 -
Episode 6 -
Episode 7 -
Episode 8 -

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srijeda, travanj 2, 2008
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četvrtak, ožujak 13, 2008

Twisted & Hilarious!

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petak, ožujak 7, 2008

Frenchman Laurent Garnier was born on February 1st 1966. The former staffer at the embassy in London began DJ-ing in Manchester during the late '80s and became by the following decade one of the best all-around DJ's in the world, able to span classic deep house and Detroit techno, the harder side of acid/trance and surprisingly jazzy tracks as well.

He added production work to his schedule in the early '90s, and recorded several brilliant LPs with a similar penchant for diversity.

One of the first Europeans to begin mixing American house music in Britain, Garnier was one of the prime cogs in the late '80s club scene. His DJ'ing at Manchester's legendary Haçienda club provided a major inspiration for the Stone Roses, The and Happy Mondays to begin adding house rhythms to rock music.

So be sure to tune in to LiveSets Radio, this Friday at 11:00 CET!

Start: Friday 11:00 CET
Saturday 12:00 CET

Tune in with Winamp or Windows Media Player

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četvrtak, veljača 14, 2008

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petak, veljača 8, 2008

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četvrtak, veljača 7, 2008

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DATE : 05/09/2007
GENRE : Hardstyle to hardcore
SIZE: (50MBx92 + 19MBx1)
AUDIO : English - 5.1 DD
VIDEO : Re-encoded - Passes @ 4220
ASPECT : 16x9
EXTRAS : All Included
MENU : Untouched

Dj Tatanka Livesets @ DEFQON 1 2007 DVD on

The Prophet Livesets @ DEFQON 1 2007 DVD on

Ako nekoga zanima trance, evo linkova. Mnogo ih je... 92 :)

Download links:

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